• Liad Kashanovsky
    Entrepreneur and Software Developer


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    • 14 Aliyat Ahnoar, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    • http://liad.card.business
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  • Liad Kashanovsky
    Entrepreneur and Software Developer



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  • Liad Kashanovsky
    Entrepreneur and Software Developer



    Co-Founder CTO and CEO at Veeca.Me

    Veeca.Me is a solution for Small Businesses, providing point of contact and a single live presentation of their business information, business portfolio, business activities and social links

    First Version was developed by me using the following technologies:

    · Veeca Publisher, Veeca Viewer, Veeca Organizer Web Apps: Cross Browser Responsive Web App for creating and distributing your Social Card

    ·  Server: Java, Java servlet, JSP, PHP, JSON, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Image Processing, Open ID, Facebook API, Linked In API

    · Client: Javascript, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, JQuery plugin/widget, HTML5, CSS3, Web App, JQuery Mobile, Responsive HTML, Mobile Sensors, Font CSS, LESS, and SASS pictographic icons


    Software Architecture, Development and Consulting services  – Astralogic.net, Freelancer

    Social networking, Smartphone devices and web; consulting, Implementation and integration services.
    Advisor and developer for several projects for; Facebook App, Wep App, Smartphone App, HTML5, jQuery, Javascript, C++, NPAPI and cross platform/Browser Plugins/extension, XMPP-Bosh technologies,  Image Processing (ImageMagic)



    ·Camera Photo Quality  Comparison Web Utility for BH company - PHP, ImageMagic, Javascript, HTML

    ·Thunderbird DYMO Label Printer Extension - Add On, XUL, TB API

    ·Player Toolbar Controller Extension for Firefox/Chrome/IE  –Add-on/XUL/Javascript, NPAPI Plug-in/C++, COM/C++